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Corporate Nutrition Classes

Corporate Nutrition Classes

We can deliver a range of corporate nutrition seminars and workshops at your workplace. We are experts at creating engaging and educational nutrition and health programs to motivate your staff to optimal wellbeing. By giving your staff important nutritional information and tips for healthy cooking, you empower them to make wiser choices about the food they eat and how to maintain their long-term health. 

In turn, the company benefits because healthier employees lead to: 

  1. Reduced health costs associated with absenteeism and sick leave 
  2. Improved focus and productivity 

 What is the need of Nutritional education? 

Nutrition seminars are an essential part of your corporate wellness program. Among a certain section of the community there%u2019s a growing awareness of the importance of eating healthy meals. However, a large slice of the population is still unaware or ill-informed about nutrition. 

 For example: 

  • Less than half of all adults eat any fruit on a daily basis 
  • The rate of overweight Indians has risen drastically 
  • Sugar now comprises 25% of our dietary intake 
  • We now eat our body weight in food additives each year 
  • Obesity is a significant contributing factor in many serious illnesses and eating the right foods helps maintain a strong immune system which protects us from colds and flu. 

 Topics Covered as part of Corporate Nutrition Classes:

  • 10 Non-Dietary Reasons Why You%u2019re Not Losing Weight! 
  • Nutrition Basics 
  • What to eat for optimal health 
  • How to boost immunity with Superfoods 
  • The importance of breakfast 
  • Exercise and weight loss 
  • Metabolism Makeover 
  • The Scoop on Sugar 
  • Sports Nutrition 
  • How to read food labels 
  • Common food myths and misconceptions explained 

 Interested to conduct Nutrition seminar? 

Send us an email to [email protected] OR call on 7829999400.


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