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Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition

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Human nutrition refers to the provision of essential nutrients necessary to support human life and health. The seven major classes of nutrients are: Carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water. The human diet must have all these nutrients & it varies based on following stages of life: 

  1. Infancy
  2. Childhood
  3. Adolescence
  4. Adulthood
  5. Older Adulthood 

Nutrition needs vary based on different parameters e.g. gender, age, as per individual needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition strategy. Recommendation of portion sizes is taken into account based on individual preferences, culture, religious beliefs, traditions and metabolic goals.

We develop nutrition programs to make you feel your best or to address any specific concerns, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, weight management, or other health concerns. 

Assessment - We take into account your current lifestyle, eating habits, medical issues, and any barriers to change, then analyse your dietary intake, discuss goals and determine your nutritional needs. 

Plan - After assessment we develop a nutrition program that best meets your goals and unique needs. 

Monitor and Evaluate - We continually monitor your nutrition program for effectiveness and evaluate how your body responds over time.

In case of any query or to book an appointment with Dt. Silky Mahajan, send us an email to [email protected] OR call on 7829999400.



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Excellent experience...Dr Silky takes the time to understand one's needs, goals etc and explains the plan and next steps in detail. She is easily reachable at any point of time if there is a query which is a blessing. The plan by Silky has worked wonders for us. Has been a very positive experience for my family & I. I would highly recommend Dr Silky.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 01 Sep 2017

Dr Silky is truly a revelation and we are lucky to have met her. Her impact and plan has helped not just me but the entire family. Good results and target oriented approach.I would highly recommend her to anyone interested.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 03 Sep 2017

I am in touch with Silky for almost 1 year and can honestly say she is an amazing inspiration and coach for my family. I have 2 kids between the ages of 9 and 13 and they each have different eating habits, likes/dislikes, and of course different needs.  Silky changed how we look at meals and food together as a family and has made our relationships with each other and with nutrition so much more positive. Not only as a Nutritionist, she is also a special person who makes everyone she works with feel special and good. Thanks for all your help & guidance. God Bless you !!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 08 Sep 2015

This is to let you  know that  my skin  has improved a lot and even acne started subsiding after following your diet chart for just for a month..I have taken lot of treatments from famous dermotologists from india and abroad but it all seems to be of no use..infact i got more disappointed knowing the fact that none  of  the dermotologists could clear my acne related  skin problems....but you have made my skin clear through diet only....i hope in future my skin wil become more clear n will get rid of all acne scars that i have on my jaw....i really thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me confident by clearing off all my acne related skin problems....I  deeply regret for not consulting you much before and for taking  several expensive treatments from dermotologists which I found to be of no I really appreciate your work mam....indeed you have made wonders on my skin which many dermotologists have failed really thank you for your  treatment....Nivedhya.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 02 Jul 2015


12:33 AM (10 hours ago)

to me

Dear silky 
This is in regard with my husband\'s health and fitness. I am very thankful to you for designing diet plans which he has been following consistently. He is very active now like how he used to be 10 years back !!!!!!  He has been following the exercise regime promptly which has brought back discipline in his life. He is very happy that he has lost 10 kgs since 4 months. 
Thanking you 
With regards

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Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Mar 2015

Silky  is a fantastic dietician. She is very attentive and always gives positive feedback. I feel comfortable speaking with her.about everything. She always makes sure I have at least 2 + possible solutions to my obstacles. Silky has given me a lot of great recipe ideas so, I won\'t feel bored with my meals and she had made some fantastic suggestions on how to overcome making bad decisions with my meal options. I am very grateful to Silky for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated. I felt healthier just leaving my appointment.

Thanks you for everything 

Submitted By: , Rating: 4.5/5*
On: 02 Dec 2014

A Diet that changed our Life

My wife and I were asked to reduce our weight for better chances for conception by Dr. Varna.
She referred us to Silky an experienced Dietitian.

On our first visit she checked our weight and gave us Targets. 25 Kgs for me and 5 to 10 Kgs for my wife.

She also studied our blood reports and gave us appropriate diets for our body type.

Dr. Varna and Silky discussed our case in detail and Silky told that if we follow this diet, my Wife would conceive in the next 2 and half months. They were very confident.

She recommended workouts along with the Diet. 

The Workout comprised of 5 KM jog and brisk walk + Cardio in Gym or Yoga.

The Diet was well planned and there was a snack every hour almost because of which we were never hungry.

We had no cravings as she had included a lot of our favourite foods as well (Limited quantity).

Now the BEST part:
10 days into the program my wife had lost 3 Kgs and had concieved. This is a miracle. I really want to thank Silky and Dr. Varna for putting us through this program. All our frustration just changed to absolute BLISS overnight. 

My Wife\'s diet has been changed by Silky and she is progressing with a Healthy pregnancy.

I continued the diet with renewed motivation and happiness. 30 days now into the program and I have shed an amazing 8 Kgs.  

Since losing an impressive 8Kgs on the program, I have a lot more energy throughout the day and I\'m determined to continue losing weight until my Goal is reached! 

Silky has done a great job making the diet keeping in mind our likes and dislikes. No amount of words can express our gratitude to Silky.
I would like to wish her the very best and may God bless her and help her to realise many more DREAMS!!!

Thanks and Cheers!!!

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 04 Dec 2014

I just want to thank you for these last 10 weeks. Since I am with dietitian Silky Mahajan, I am now focused on eating healthy. not dieting!!!!  What a big change for me.. Someone who has been dieting since the age of 15!!!  I am so happy with the minor modifications I am making and am really happy to continue on and try to regularly include the suggestions you provide me into my daily meal plans both at home or while dining out.  Your care and encouragement have completely changed my relationship with food.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 07 Jan 2015
Silky Mahajan
Dt. Silky Mahajan
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